Handle your claims on line

Handling your claims online makes claims filing easier. Nowadays, claims settlements involve many parties. Insurers, brokers, insured and loss adjusters all work in different companies. Yet, they must work together.

Consequently, information exchange and document storage is a complex process.

Information flow before LossOnline :

A centralised reference

A reference frame for all parties involved.
LossOnline introduces a new model. Instead of dispatching the documents to all parties, the information is stored on a centralised and secured Internet site. Each party can thus access the required information whenever it is needed.

Information flow with LossOnline :

Security and confidentiality

Security and confidentiality.
Claim information is always available on LossOnline and is completely protected and secured:

  • Data encryption between the LossOnline server and your computer (using the Verisign SSL technology)
  • User authentification with a login and a password for each user.
  • Users belong to user groups which are given different access rights to the site (insured, broker, expert, insurer)
  • A strict confidentiality is enforced between the different user groups.

Quality of service.
A pro-active follow-up of claims.
A greater transparency in claims handling.
No more time wasted checking the status of a claim.
Claims will be processed more quickly and at a lower cost.